Open letter to Jean-Claude Van Damme

Dear Jean-Claude,

We do not know each other. I can't write my name here but my identity is not secret and you can find that information there. I am writing this letter to you the 7th February 2024 in response to your film “JCVD”: it seemed to me that you were or are still the subject of secret persecution and it turns out that I am in the same situation. A few words before starting on the form: this is only an open letter to the extent that I do not have the possibility of contacting you by another means (email etc.) otherwise I would have chosen this other means and this letter would not have been “opened”. I am therefore counting on your friends or on providence to convey my message to you. You will also note that I have chosen to speak to you informally. Please don’t see this as a lack of respect: I “know” you through your films since I was 10 years old so I have the feeling of knowing you since a long time. You must be in your sixties, I am in my forties: it seemed to me that the informal address was more logical given that I say nothing bad about you and that I believe that we are in a similar situation (persecution). I have also translated this letter into English in case it is easier for you to read this way, but please keep in mind that my English is imperfect (and so is my French!).

Before reading the content of this letter, I advise you to read my analysis of your film “JCVD” as well as the article “my little gift for Jean-Claude Van Damme . This analysis consists of a text explanation to help “non-aware” readers identify the second hidden reading line in the film. As I explain in the article, I do not claim to deliver the truth (which I do not know) but I deliver all the leads that cross my mind to get closer to the so-called truth: I don't care if I say stupid things, nonsense, if I make huge misunderstandings or follow contradictory leads: I have no choice since I know nothing. It’s about shedding light as best I can on those who know even less than me and who are kept in the dark in a sordid way. In my analysis, I propose two theories to explain what you were/are a victim of:

I don’t feel like I’ve spoken negatively about you or written things that could harm you. On the contrary, I believe I defended you as best I could. However, there are two things that could bother you:

So I hope that you won't be angry with me if I said something that offends you: it's not intentional: I'm swimming in the fog, I'm doing the best I can and it's not so simple. I apologize if I have wronged you in any way.

I did not allow myself to talk and extrapolate on your life while hiding behind the role of an “objective” observer who would take care not to speak about himself. I believe I have revealed intimate, even ridiculous parts of myself (see Napoleon syndrome for example) not because I like to reveal myself like this but because it is necessary, for example among others: evil also spreads because people are afraid to write what they have done, what they are, what they think, how they treat others... In short, they rely too much on anonymity and on the comfortable “passing time” to erase all their misdeeds and leave no trace. And I suspect that it is very often this attitude that makes them no longer even realize the harm they are doing. Without reflexivity on the past, on past errors, without taking risks in writing, there are no lessons learned, no change either and the same mistakes are inexorably repeated. So, I ask you not to judge me by what you find in my analyses or even on the entire website: I am not perfect, what I think is not perfect and neither is what I write. If I ask you not to judge me it's because that's also what you ask at the end of your speech in front of the camera: "it's difficult for people not to judge me, not to accuse me". I don’t think I judged you in any way in my analysis. It’s true that I expect the same thing from you.

Let's get to the point. The reason for this letter. I need your help, Jean-Claude. It's been 10 years since I suffered this horrible persecution, this secret, stupid and nasty gang rape. I have a little hope that you will be able to come to me to pass on everything you know. Everything you know about T1 but also everything you could know about the terrifying T2. I saw things in T2 that continue to scare me and I think that might be the case for you too. It is also possible that our persecutors succeeded in completely disrupting my brain.

Note that this help is not necessarily one-way. I think I know less than you but it's not certain and I will also tell you everything I know in case you are also still swimming in the fog. Please do not take into account the tone that may be arrogant or smug in my writings: I know nothing of the truth and I am calling on you for help, Jean-Claude.

This letter is nothing other than a cry for help.

There are several things I fear:

In Full Contact, Lion manages to desert the legion to help his brother. It turns out that his brother is dead when he finally reaches Los Angeles. But I'm not dead and I wake up every morning in this endless nightmare. If you want to write to me, here are my 2 contact emails: persecution[AT] (redirection to my personal address) and contact[AT] (real email address). Use both. Even with these precautions, I fear “technical problems” (blocking interceptions) and do not infer anything if you do not receive a response from me. You also have my identity here and my writings contain traces of the places I frequented, the people I have met... If you really want to find me physically, it is possible even if it is perhaps not that obvious.

Who knows? Maybe one day we will become friends.

Whatever happens next, I wish you all the best.